The Spy Who Loved Beer

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The first episode of Jimmy Bund was filmed in December 2004 and is now available for viewing online!

Jimmy Bund part II

Jimmy Bund part III

Jimmy Bund part IV

Jimmy Bund part V

In the first episode of Jimmy Bund, The Spy Who Loved Beer, an evil villain is threatening the future of Australian football. With one of the country's best loved sports in jeopardy, there is only one man who can help. That's right! It's Jimmy Bund.

Jimmy Bund is an Australian secret agent (spy) whose ocker charm is irresistible to women. He says what he thinks and instead of getting a slap, they love him for it!

Jimmy Bund is a creation of Remi Broadway and Regis Broadway, for Broadnet Pty Ltd, copyright 2004.